The founder of AAMBC and producer of the AAMBC Awards show speaks to the audience at the

end of the inaugural red carpet.

AAMBC which stands for African Americans on the Move Book Club was created in February 2008 by a then twenty-year-old, Tamika Newhouse. What started as an online book club grew into a national Phenomenon. The sole purpose was to expose the unknown writer and to give them the opportunity to win accolades. A tradition still highly expressed to this very date, AAMBC still caters to the unknown writer. They have single handedly worked with thousands of writers’ new, seasoned, and celebrities. From first time writers to nationally known they have consistently set the tone to support and promote black writers.


In 2008 Tamika Newhouse hosted the AAMBC Radio show on weekly bases for over four years. During this time, it had guest hosts and it interviewed new writers as well as popular writers such as Zane, Mary B Morrison, Francis Ray, and Carl Weber. In the year of 2011 it hosted many controversial and highly sought out panel discussions that helped garner many writer’s careers. It went off the air in 2013.


The annual AAMBC Literary Awards was launched in 2009 in San Antonio, Texas by the founder. Smaller ceremonies were then hosted in the years following in Chicago as well as in Baltimore in adjacent to various literary events. In 2015 the first inaugural red carpet ceremony took place in Atlanta, GA marking the beginning of the black writer’s weekend.


To understand the importance of AAMBC’s presence in the book industry is to understand the value of supporting our black writers. The awards serve as the premiere event the industry talks about and artist strive to be.

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AAMBC Awards


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