AAMBC AWARDS Nomination process

During a specified screening process the nominations will be reviewed by industry professionals. The screening is reviewed from individuals ranging from publishers, bloggers, book club presidents, publicist, editors, agents, and the AAMBC staff during the beginning parts of May.

Based on the member’s evaluation, the member then determines their top five (5)


Selections per category and applies the following criteria to each selection:

     Fair, Accurate and Inclusive Representations



     Cultural Responsibility/Integrity

     Overall Quality

AAMBC AWARDS Notification of Nomination

Once nominees are chosen a live broadcast will be hosted on a special airing of AAMBC Radio at www.blogtalkradio.com/aambc . Also live tweets will go out on our twitter on account @aambookclub.


An email will be sent to the nominee notifying them of their nomination and as well as we will supply them with a virtual nomination badge to promote your nod and seek votes.

We will ask the nominee to;

     1. Confirm spelling of name and project/business

     2. Main contact to publisher or agent (secondary contact)

     3. RSVP for the red carpet ceremony


Nominees gain FREE admission but their guest must obtain a ticket. Nominees who attend will be offered perks for the awards weekend and such as red carpet interviews, prime seating, and opportunities to be a part of our weekend of events.

Winners of the AAMBC Award

Winners will NOT be notified beforehand on their win. Winners will be announced live at the red carpet ceremony or pre show. Segments of the event will be recorded for the AAMBC Awards’s social media networks and promotional videos. The winners will also be tweeted out during the live ceremony on our twitter account @aambookclub and live images will be posted on our Instagram @aambookclub. Follow the trend #AAMBCAwards

AAMBC Award Categories

Literary Activist

Breakout Author of the Year

Book Club of the Year

Vanguard of Urban Media

Independent Digital Publisher of the Year

Publisher of the Year

eBook of the Year

Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award

Blogger of the Year

Non- Fiction/Self Help Book of the Year

Editor of the Year

Street Lit Writer of the Year

Male Author of the Year

Romance Author of the Year

Female Author of the Year

Christian Fiction Author of the Year

Urban Classic of the Year

Magazine of the Year

Motion Picture of the Year

Screenwriter of the Year

Reader’s Choice Award

Nate Holmes Honorary Award

Francis Ray Trailblazer Award

Urban Book of the Year

Innovator of Urban Media

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